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The lone woman trader at a prestigious New York bank, Kate Munro completes an eye-popping trade that captures the attention of Wall Street. But her euphoria fades when she hears that Morehead Woodson, the most powerful trader in the bond business, has been on the losing side of the transaction. Kate worries about retribution from Woodson, a man notoriously unforgiving of slights. Then comes the stunning announcement that he is about to become her boss. Woodson’s bullying style ruins the collegial environment in which Kate has thrived. To make matters worse, she learns from an inside source that his trading practices are under investigation by the Federal Reserve--and that she has been implicated. Now she must fight to clear her name and save her job. How far will Kate go to keep her Wall Street career alive?

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“A fascinating look at the good old days of Wall Street, with its compelling plot of trading fraud and the power of untouchable financial titans. Well-written, ironically funny, and with a cast of memorable characters, When the Getting Was Good is an eye-opener on the financial excesses of today as well as yesterday. A very timely book.”

                                                           Linsey Abrams, author of Our History in New York


“Captures the essence of the Wall Street trading room mentality of the ‘80s. An insightful and highly accurate portrayal...and a most enjoyable read.”


                                                           David W. Fisher, founding President, J. P. Morgan Securities

“A must-read for ambitious, intellectually savvy women everywhere. Susan Bell’s novel speaks to the power of defining success on your own terms. I highly recommend it!”

                                                             Janet Hanson, CEO and Founder, 85 Broads


Praise for When the Getting Was Good


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